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Roy Nordstrom
2013-02-15, 22:11
These are my paternal Great Grandparents. Erick Karlsson was born in 1817. Brita Catharina Nilsdotter Karlsson died between Sep 20, 1853 and 1855. I have not been able to find any information on her birthdate, actual date of marriage believed to be 1843 and date of death about 1853-1854.
Their son Carl Gustaf Erickson, born May 28, 1844, died Dec 12 1915 at Beatty, Saskatchewan, Canada is my grandfather, he married Anna Lovisa Jonsdotter born Aug 27, 1847 at Granon, Vasterbotten, in 1871.
My father is Jonas Ephriam Nordstrom, born Nov 8, 1879. He changed his name on arrival in Canada in 1905.
Any help is appreciated.
I am able to read Swedish, but my written Swedish is very poor. So, reply in either Swedish or English.
Roy Nordstrom, Calgary, AB. Canada

Roy Nordstrom
2013-03-07, 18:46
I have been able to locate the information I was searching for.