Visa fullständig version : Looking for Anna (Annine) Mårtensson born 19 aug.1872 from Sjörup, Sweden

2015-11-19, 20:23
Hello Sweden :)

I'm looking for one of my ancestors. She moved from Sweden to Denmark around 1881. Her name is Anna (Annine) Mårtensson, born 19 aug. 1872, Sjörup, Sweden.

Anyone know her or can find something about her? :)
Thanks in advance.

Maria, Copenhagen, Denmark

2015-11-19, 22:42
Don't have time to research/check further ... Here are a few sources, birth and household examination rolls. AID is an ID from Arkiv Digital.

Sjörup CI:7 (1861-1882) 1872:29 Bild 108 (AID: v111634.b108, NAD: SE/LLA/13338)
Sjörup AI:14 (1868-1872) sid 332 (AID: v111616.b78.s332, NAD: SE/LLA/13338)
Sjörup AI:15 (1873-1878) Bild 146 (AID: v111617.b146, NAD: SE/LLA/13338)

2015-11-20, 07:11
This source shows that the whole family moved to Denmark 1880.

Sjörup AI:16 (1879-1887) Bild 169 (AID: v111618.b169, NAD: SE/LLA/13338)

2015-11-20, 12:43
Hi Phryxe

Thanks for your work. How do I access these documents? Do I have to download a program and pay a fee or do you have free databases?
Haven't tried genealogy research in Sweden before.

2015-11-20, 16:30
There are few free genealogical databases in Sweden. As I mentioned above, the sources I used are photographed by Arkiv Digital (http://www.arkivdigital.se). Swedish church records are also available from SVAR and Genline/Ancestry.

2015-11-20, 16:35
Thank you for your help :)