Visa fullständig version : Problems with English on this site

2016-04-13, 20:45
I'm a new USA member to DIS. My father's parents both came from Sweden. Yet I know very little Swedish. I was hoping to see more use of English on this site. Unfortunately that is not the case. I suppose I could learn Swedish! LOL I appreciate the efforts of the computer programmers to make it possible to see most (but not all) headings on various pages in English. However, some pages don't seem to get translated, despite my making sure the English setting is used. Also why translate the Forum headings into English if you can't understand the actual Swedish text in the messages? I know bitch bitch like a typical American!! LOL Finally, I do have one serious question. Where (or how) do you log in for doing DISBYT searches?

Eva Dahlberg
2016-04-13, 20:51
Hi Bruce and welcome! the last part is the easiest to answer :) You find it here http://disbyt.dis.se/dbyt_e_index.htm and here http://disbyt.dis.se/searchindex.htm

// Eva

2016-04-13, 21:06
Thank you Eva. I keep forgetting that goofy new user name and password! I have to keep going back to an earlier email a go-between company in Seattle sent me with it in plain text for all the world to see!! LOL Anyway I wish I could use my Forum user name and password, but I've already been told that's a NO GO! I also forgot that you have to initiate the DISBYT search before you can log in. That threw me for a loop last week. Now is my DISBYT uid and pw going to be the same for the other sites, that is, except for the Forum? Again thanks in advance. Bruce

Eva Dahlberg
2016-04-13, 21:12
yep. And did you find this? http://www.dis.se/sv/publikationer/rooted-in-sweden.html

2016-04-13, 21:21
Nope but it looks like lots of useful info to learn about. Thanks again!

2016-04-13, 21:34
Sorry for bothering you with my silly questions, but I have one more. I searched in DISBYT for my great grand dad. It popped up with these three members who apparently have info on him. Is it proper to now contact these three members to ask for the info? Or is there another DIS site where I can find it independently without bothering them?

Eva Dahlberg
2016-04-13, 22:15
It's definitely proper to contact them! Explain that you found the info on Disbyt and that you are a DIS member, and how you are related, then they will find it worthwhile to struggle with their English. Good luck!