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2017-04-28, 05:37
This is a long shot, but I am hoping that someone might be able to help us find our family.

We had very little knowledge of our John, until just recently we located an inquest into John's death in 1882

A partial transcript of John inquest is as follows:

I have know the deceased intimately for 22 years....
He was a swede by birth aged 62 years, married as I have heard ....himself first in Sweden, he told me consisted of his wife living and one son.

He occasionally corresponded with his family in Sweden. I know this of my own knowledge.

He invited his wife and family to come to the Colony. They did not come the wife refused and her/the son? was at sea. It was close a the ? was the passage ....were stopped about ......... (1002)?....... 12 years ago.

Since then he has received a letter from Maria Christina Olsen his wife and since then another letter was received from his wife asking for assistance. The deceased replied he had none to send her. That was the last letter received from his wife as far as I know.


We have not been able to locate his entry into Australia.

We assume his birth date is about 1820, written on his death certificate is ( Malma) ? of which we now understand could mean the city of Malmo

If our John was married to ( Maria Christina ) as taken from Inquest information, we assume he would be of adult age of 21, and putting that date at about 1841 and married in Sweden.

We can only estimate his immigration to Australia of between say 1850 to 1860, but could possibly be earlier.

His death registration in 1882, Victoria, Australia, does not state his parents names : Reg No: 2106

He married also in Australia under surname ( Olson) : (23 Dec 1874 in Victoria,Australia,Reg 4546 ) to Eliza Clark

Inquest into Johns death:
https://www.prov.vic.gov.au/explore-collection/explore-topic/inquests-and-other-coronial-records/inquests-deaths-deposition ( Olsen - 1882)

or try this link if above does not work


I know it is not much to go on but we have our fingers crossed

It would be great if we could find him and his family in Sweden, any help would be greatly appreciated, we are so lost at the moment

2017-04-28, 07:09
There are actually also a few Malma parishes - in Södermanland, Västergötland and Västmanland.

2017-04-28, 07:17
There are actually also a few Malma parishes - in Södermanland, Västergötland and Västmanland.


Thank you,

These 3 Parishes Sodermanland, Vastergotland and Vastmanlad , I will check family Search and see how I go


2017-04-28, 08:35
In Sweden he was probably called Johan Olsson/Olofsson, a very common name.

2017-04-28, 08:40
First name might also be Jon or Johannes.

2017-04-28, 08:48
Tried some searches on EmiWeb (http://emiweb.eu), but no obvious hit.

2017-04-28, 10:46
Thank you Phryxe, for your hints on names, and checking out Emiweb , looks like a good site

Thinking this going to be a hard one to track down, as I probably don't have enough information.
Looks like if I had a Parish it would make things alot easier