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2017-08-28, 15:28
Hi there,

I´m a new member and hope, someone can help me.

On July 1735 my oldest ancestor, Peter Löwenström, married in Gettorf / Schleswig-Holstein.
When he died in 1768, in the churchbook was written that he was 72 years old, born in sweden and as profession a smith.
Now I found an entry in the borgarenbok of Ystad. 15 Feb 1735 klensmeden Petter Leijonström, cautionist skomakeren Lars Bolsen.
What does that mean?
Can I find a register about persons who seattled over from sweden to Kiel or Gettorf in 1735?
Or is there a Generalmönsterrullar for soldiers from Ystad in the year 1735.

Hälsningar fran Lübeck


2017-08-28, 19:27
I think it means that the shoemaker Lars Bolsen was a guarantor for blacksmith Petter Leijonström.

SAOB - kaution (https://www.saob.se/artikel/?seek=kautionist#U_K653_202772)

2017-08-28, 20:10
Okay. Thanks.
It seems that most of the persons in that book had a guarantor.
There must be a reason for it.