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2012-03-07, 23:53
I am trying to locate the ancestors (father, mother, grandfather, etc.) and siblings (brothers and sisters) for Johan Fredrik Brandt. This is the information I have:

Johan Fredrik Brandt.
Born 1834-10-24 in Örslösa - Died 1921-01-15 in Brunnstorp, Mellby
Married 1858-12-28 Mellby to
Gustava Lidholm Born 1834-08-01 in Torp, Gategården, Mellby - Died 1896-06-25 in Brunstorp, Mellby

Johan is my gr. gr. gr. grandfather. Any information or guidance will be most appreciated.

Robert Stites

2012-03-08, 18:38
från church records Örslösa C:3 sid 113:

Johan Fredrik
born 21 okt 1834
bapt. 23 okt 1834
father: Johannes Jonsson Brandt, farmhand from Kjellstorp
mother: Maria Båld, age 33


2012-03-08, 18:58
... and here you have the family in Källstorp (todays spelling of "Kjellstorp)

From Örslösa AI:9 (1823-1842) sid 9


2012-03-09, 17:29
c4lle - Thank you for this information. I have a couple of questions, 1) To the right of Johannes Brandt's name there are the numbers 31/4 1805. At first I thought the numbers were a birth day but April does not have 31 days. 2) There is a letter I cannot read in front of Maria Båld's name. Is this an initial?

Your assistance is most appreciated.


2012-03-09, 18:23
1. I think it actually says 31/4 1805 and it is a date of birth
2. H = Hustru = Wife

2012-03-09, 21:27
I see it also as 31/4 and maybe 31/11 ;( These priest that made this notes where not sober all the time so there are a lot of mistake in this books.

I have look into the Birth books for Ullerud and can not find any Johanes (or Jon) with father Jon. Have looked in both April and November and a few years around 1805.

Sorry for the bad news!