Can anyone help me find out why an Englishman and his family were in Gothenburg in 1859 - 1861? John Hall DOE and his wife, Eliza, nee PEARSON together with their baby son, Edward, seem to have been in Gothenberg at this time and it is likely that Edward was born there as I can find no record of his birth in England. I do have evidence that connects them to the city from The Times of London newspaper for 24 May 1860 in which the death of Edward is recorded "On the 17th May at Gothenburg, Edward Johnson, aged 8 months, only child of John Hall Doe" Edward may have been named 'Edward Johnson' in the Swedish tradition so perhaps his birth in August/September 1859 or death in May 1860 may be under the name Johanesson rather than DOE, his English surname. I am mainly interested in finding out why the family was in Gothenburg so I am hoping any records may include father's occupation or other details. The family is not part of my own family; I am doing research for a history project. Many thanks in anticipation.