Hello! I'm trying to track down information on my great-great-grandfather, known in the US as Charles Fredrick Blomberg. He was born in Sweden in May 1870, emigrated to the US in 1894, and lived in Arizona. He married Annie Laura O'Harra in November 1895, they had one daughter, and they divorced in 1901. He was naturalized as a US citizen in 1903. He was in the 1910 US Census, still in Arizona, and then that's the last I can track down on him. He was a general laborer, and also worked in mining. Our family has no photos of him, no information on any of his relatives or where he came from (nothing more specific than "Sweden"), and no idea of when or where he died. I have done all the online searching I can, with no luck. I joined DIS as a member in the hopes of finding more information on his origins, but a search of DISbyt didn't yield anything definitive. Can anyone help? I really appreciate it.