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Ämne: Sjöman Peter Lundström and Anna Cajsa Persdotter

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    Sjöman Peter Lundström and Anna Cajsa Persdotter


    I have been trying to find the birth records of Sjöman Peter Lundström and his wife, Anna Cajsa Persdotter. They lived in Norra Bäckebo, Kalmar Län, according to the following books:

    Ålem AI:10 (1823-1828) Image 257 / page 495
    Ålem AI:11 (1829-1835) Image 41 / page 33
    Ålem AI:12 (1836-1847) Image 47 / page 37
    Ålem AI:13 (1847-1856) Image 52 / page 36

    The book gives Peter's birth as 1796 in what appears to be Högsby, unless I'm reading it wrong. I searched the Högsby records and could not find a Peter Lundström born in 1796. It also gives Anna Cajsa's birth as 1793 in Kalmar. I searched various parishes in Kalmar but wasn't sure exactly where to look and could not find an Anna Cajsa Persdotter born in 1793. I would greatly appreciate any assistance in tracking down the parentage of these ancestors of mine.

    Also, I would love to know if there is anything of particular interest in the following estate inventory of my ancestor Johan Birgersson Blomberg:

    Gotlands norra häradsrätt (-1899) F2B:145 (1889-1890) Image 1060 / page 38

    Thank you very much for any assistance! I have already gotten a great deal of help on this forum and it has been wonderful exploring my Swedish lineage.

    Jim Carleton

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    Well, "anything of particular interest" could be almost anything. The intro mentions his widow, and two sons from an earlier marriage.

    Gotlands norra häradsrätt (-1899) (I) F2B:145 (1889-1890) Bild 1060 / sid 38 (AID: v148309.b1060.s38, NAD: SE/ViLA/20056)

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    Sorry, yeah, that was pretty vague. Just wondering if anything in the estate stood out as interesting, or if there was any information about the family, or if it's just a tedious accounting of household implements. No need for a full translation or anything. I'm honestly more interested in the origins of the Lundströms.

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