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    Lynn Peterson
    Superior, WI, USA

    Peterson Family-Blekinge lan


    My name is Lynn Peterson. I live in Superior, Wisconsin, USA. I am trying to locate my family in Sweden.
    I am not having any luck so I thought I would post on this site to see if someone else has researched the family members that I am looking for.

    My great-grandfather was Otto Alfred Peterson.
    He was born on 10 May 1854 in Sweden.
    He emigrated to the USA in 1889.
    He was engaged in Sweden to Christina Gustafson.
    She was born in Sweden on 24 Oct. 1862.
    They were married at Clear Lake, Wisconsin, USA, on 16 Nov. 1889.
    The Pastor who married them was Mathias Peterson.
    One of the witnesses was Mrs. Augusta Peterson.
    It is believed that Mathias and Augusta Peterson were man and wife.
    It is believed that Mathias and Augusta Peterson were related to Otto.
    It is believed that Mathias and Augusta Peterson were both born in Sweden.
    Otto, while engaged to Christina, fathered a son in Sweden.
    The son's name was Edward Alfred Peterson.
    Edward Alfred Peterson was born on 8 Nov. 1888.
    Edward is my grandfather.
    Otto, at the time of Edward's birth, was to inherit his parent's farm.
    Instead, he was given a small sum of money, and told to leave.
    Otto emigrated to the USA in 1889.
    Christina emigrated to the USA in 1889.
    It is unknown whether or not they traveled together or separately.
    Edward was raised by his grandparents in Sweden.
    It is unknown which grandparents.
    Edward's mother was a 14 year-old red-haired servant girl who worked on the Peterson farm.
    Along with Otto, she was banished from the farm.
    Whatever became of her, I do not know.
    Edward emigrated to the USA in Sept. of 1906.
    It is believed that he sailed from Liverpool aboard the SS Victorian.
    The SS Victorian landed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
    Edward traveled overland to Superior, Wisconsin, USA, where Otto was living.
    Edward was married in Superior, WI in Jan. of 1907.
    On his marriage certificate he listed Blekinge, Sweden as his birthplace.
    On his marriage certificate he listed Anna Maria Petterson as his mother's name.

    That is about all that I know of my family from Sweden. If any of the above sounds familiar to any researcher, please let me know. It will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    C-G Magnusson
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    One candidate ... maybe

    Otto Alfred Pettersson, born 1854-APR-30 in Saleboda, Sillhövda parish, Blekinge län. Father: Petter Månsson. Mother: Anna Catrina (Stina) Israelsdotter [1]. The birth record says Otto Fredric, but the household examination roll Otto Alfrid [2]. He emigrated to "Amerika" 1887-APR-15 from Vastansmåla, Sillhövda [3].

    [1] Sillhövda C:1 (1846-1869) Image 47 (AID: v96741.b47)
    [2] Sillhövda AI:2 (1851-1855) p 78 (AID: v96729.b83.s78)
    [3] Sillhövda AI:9 (1881-1890) p 514 (AID: v96736.b523.s514)

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    Ehh, not a very good suggestion as the boy was born more than a year after he emigrated

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    Wisconsin Marriage

    I stumbled across this marriage record ...

    Groom's Name: Otto Alfred Petersen
    Groom's Birth Date:
    Groom's Birthplace: Sweden
    Groom's Age:
    Bride's Name: Christina Gustafsen
    Bride's Birth Date:
    Bride's Birthplace: Sweden
    Bride's Age:
    Marriage Date: 16 Nov 1889
    Marriage Place: Clear Lake, Polk, Wisconsin
    Groom's Father's Name: Peter Monsen
    Groom's Mother's Name: Anna Cathrena Monsen
    Bride's Father's Name: Gustaf Swensen
    Bride's Mother's Name: Brita Stina Swenson
    Groom's Race: White
    Groom's Marital Status:
    Groom's Previous Wife's Name:
    Bride's Race:
    Bride's Marital Status:
    Bride's Previous Husband's Name:
    Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M00346-4
    System Origin: Wisconsin-EASy
    Source Film Number: 1275494
    Reference Number: Vol 1, P 325, N 101
    Collection: Wisconsin Marriages, 1836-1930

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