Hi there,

Can anyone help me find my ancestor:

Otto Melean
Born around 1851
Father - Otto Melean
Mother - Hanna Janeson

The only records I can find are in English - he was married in Ireland in 1875.
He could not read or write so I think the spelling could be wrong (maybe Melin or Melan perhaps).

Also there is a family legend that he changed his name when he moved to Ireland - one says he took the name of the place he came from, another says that his original name was Mathiasson. I have no idea if either of these stories are true.

He was a sailor and said he was from Krongsberg in Norway.
We thought he meant Tonsberg as he was on a ship that sailed from there.

I cannot find any record of him in Norway so I think he may be from Sweden instead - Kronosberg perhaps...??

I'd be grateful for any help or advice as I seem to have come to a dead-end.